Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend is Here!

So I finished registering, and I got a ton of stuff to start off with (the big stuff mainly). I did pick out the most perfect glider in the whole entire world, and I am hoping that Adam and I can save for that and the matching ottoman. I sat in it, and pictured many late nights and early mornings that would be spend in that chair, with my new little man in my arms.
We're kinda going with a monkey theme. A little bit, not too much. Once I get back home, I'll have to post pictures of the nursery progress so far (which isn't too much) so you can get a general idea of the color scheme. I did pick out a pretty changing table that matches the crib as well. It's only $119 bucks and I have a coupon for 10% off. Any savings helps when it comes to baby stuff.
Steph went with us, and I realized how particular I am about baby clothes. I realized that the majority of newborn baby clothes are tacky. Which is just lovely. It's going to be hard to find things I like for my little guy. I'm just not all into the whole "Squeeze Me I'm Adorable" onesies and crap. We know you will be little guy, but we won't need a onesie that says it to announce it to the world.
Who knows what this weekend will bring, but it's gorgeous out! (At least for today) I'd love to get out and do some things in the yard or just be outside. We'll see how it goes. I may end up going home and laying out.
Baby is getting really big everyone! I'll post some baby belly pictures soon! Oh, and could someone pass me a glass of fresh homemade lemonade please? I've been craving this forEVER!

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