Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Growth of the Bump & The Awesome News!

First off, let's start this off with a baby bump picture. I've been promising to put one up for awhile now, and I've gotten huge compared to the last belly pic I posted (which was 4 weeks ago). So here it is. My big ass belly.

Excuse our dirty bathroom mirror. I'm slacking off a little in the house cleaning department. But our little man getting bigger and bigger!
Well my appointment went great. I got a ton of baby pictures (which I will post in the next few days, I just gotta get them on the computer first). The best news in the world...I no longer have placenta previa!! It completely corrected itself, and now I don't have to fear being on bedrest the entire third trimester or being required to have a c-section! And the best news is I'm no longer on pelvic bed rest!
Based on the ultrasound, the Doc said everything looks normal, everything is there and as it should be, and baby is measuring right on schedule. Woohoo! Very good news all around.
So my next appointment will be in May, and I'll be about 25 weeks then. Just checking fundal height, heartbeat, and so forth. I cannot WAIT for this little guy to get here already!!

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