Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Significance of Dreams Part 2

So you've read my dream. Now let's interpret it. Although I do not consider myself a religious person, I am spiritual. I don't believe in a Christian Heaven or Hell, but I do believe that the existence of life extends beyond the physical.
I also feel that dreams have a more powerful meaning that a mere random stream of subconscious thoughts, and sometimes these dreams can speak to us in different ways.
Mimi and Papa were so very dear to me, and I miss them beyond words can express. After their passing, I've had maybe two dreams with either of them in it. These past dreams did not have both Mimi and Papa in them, just one or the other. The hospital dream I had was the first dream I've had since their passing that actually had both of them in it.
I've always thought that Mimi and Papa would want to be around, to check in and see how everyone is doing, and to be with us during important points in our lives. As a deceased person, I'd know that I would want to do the same with those members of my family still living.
I think this dream was a way of reassuring me that when their great-grandchild is born, they won't miss it. Even though they can't be with us physically, they can still be with us somehow.
It was very calming and reassuring to me. I told my mom that the strangest thing to me was that I had been thinking in the weeks before of how sad it was that my child will never know such amazing and wonderful people.

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