Monday, April 27, 2009

The Outsiders

This weekend was great. Mr. H and I went to Lake Lanier with my mom and step-dad and spent Saturday and Sunday on the house boat. It was very relaxing, and I think we both enjoyed the time away from the house. It definitely put me in beach mode, and luckily we only have a little less than two weeks before we are chillaxing and relaxing.
On the way home yesterday, little man gave me the biggest kick yet. I was sitting in the car, and it nearly took my breath away. I've been able to feel a kick here (and when I mean feel, I mean from the outside of my belly), but not really anything substantial. As he's growing his kicks are still so infrequent, but yesterday topped them all. After the first initial kick, I put my hand where he had just beat me up. After about 30 seconds I was thinking "Oh well, that was it for today." And he surprised me and kicked me really hard again! And I was able to feel it perfectly. This proceeded for about ten or twelve more mighty baby kicks, and I was in bliss. Of course Mr. H got discouraged because he couldn't really take his hands off the wheel to feel a good kick. But I assured him that there would be many more baby kicks in the future, and he wouldn't miss those.
Well last night, I was laying in the bed, and I was really hoping he'd start kicking again so I could get Mr. H to feel. So I rolled over on my side and started poking and smushing around my belly, and sure enough, the little guy kicked away in protest of all the smushing. At this point however, Mr. H was pretty much snoring, so I didn't wake him. But it was exciting to see that we've already developed a new aspect of our relationship. That is, my son and I. The kind of relationship where I can actually interact with him, even if he's in there for now and I'm from the outside world. It's a truly wonderful feeling that I could never get tired of. Of course, I know it's much more wonderful to replace that with the little guy in my arms. But for now, I know that I have something that can hold me over until he is actually here with us.

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